Prison Island Prague

Your indoor leisure and games area inspired
by the TV game Fort Boyard

A team adventure never seen before in France, inspired by the famous TV game Fort Boyard, enter the adventure! This time Passe-Partout will not be there and you will have to make your way through the mazes and labyrinths to triumph at each challenge and get out safely!

Gather your friends and get ready for an exciting adventure on Prison Island. Everyone is welcome, young and old.

Form a team and solve challenges in the prison cells with your teammates as the clock ticks…

Cooperate, collect points and have fun. Anything is possible! And remember: The team always needs you and you always need the team!

Experience a team adventure like on TV, to have fun, to meet each other and to get closer!

Total immersion: you are immersed in a prison environment where each cell has its own challenge that you will have to solve in the allotted time. Realistic settings with puzzles adapted to all levels that will appeal to your five senses and sometimes even to your sixth sense!

From 5 to 77 years old

Each one has his own abilities and areas of expertise. Small and agile to get around faster, wise and experienced to solve the toughest puzzles.

Everyone gets into the game at Prison Island!

With family and friends

Accessible to all, young and old, Prison Island is the ideal activity to get together with family, friends or colleagues while having fun without limits and sharing moments of conviviality.

A team effort!

Solve the challenges and puzzles as a team of 2 or more people. Coordination, agility and communication will be the key to making your team the best and your memories unforgettable!

30 cells = 30 challenges

Win the tasks in each cell to earn points. Combine thinking, balance, tricks, physics and skill to win!

Repeat the experience to beat other teams’ scores and climb to the top of the leaderboard!

Groups, celebrations and team building

A fun and playful event to organize? Something to celebrate? Create bonds and cohesion?
Prison Island is the ideal destination for the organization of your group meetings!

Hen parties

Looking for a great activity for the last FUN day of your friend’s single life?

Don’t look further

Come to Prison Island Prague!


Organize an unforgettable birthday party for young and old!

Get together with friends or family to blow out the candles and share some fun moments!

Team building

Give your employees a unique experience!

Prison Island is the perfect activity to strengthen bonds and team spirit while having fun!


Are you looking for a fun and challenging place to spend some quality time after your work day? Prison Island is the answer!

Discover everyone’s talents in solving the different challenges of the Prison.

A perfect activity for a farewell party or simply to create bonds and have fun between colleagues.

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