Prison Island opening times

Your favourite indoor play and leisure centre in Prague welcomes you all year round, without reservation*.

(*) up to 20 people, for more please contact us

Outside school holidays


10AM TO 10PM



School holidays


10AM TO 10PM




Entry 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Per person 469 CZK 619 CZK 745 CZK
Family Deal
2 adults with their 2 children up to 16 years old
1499 CZK 2099 CZK 2399 CZK
Anniv +08 pers.
(Up to 16 years old)
469 CZK 619 CZK 745 CZK
Groups, Seminars & CE
Groups of +20 people
Contact us
30 minutes extra 189 CZK

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Prison Island Prague is an indoor games and leisure facility comprising: a reception area, a bar, a relaxation area, arcade games and 1200m2 of playing surface with 30 cells containing challenges!

Often confused with an escape game, but completely different!

In an escape game, you and your team generally have 1 hour to work out a scenario based on reflection. Prison Island Prague has a much larger play area, with 30 cells containing 30 different challenges (physical, technical and intellectual). What’s more, you’re free to set your own course, and to do and redo the challenges over the time you choose2.

With your team, try to solve as many cells as possible. If you fail, you can retry a cell or choose to quickly visit others. Some cells require several presentations to win all the points. Watch out, the general timer is ticking!

Our game system is based on points, with each successful challenge earning you between 25 and 100 points. The aim is to collect as many points as possible!

Large screens at reception and in the game area let you see your ranking live!

Come and take on the teams of the day, the week or the TOP 3!
A real challenge between several teams! Be the best!

Prison Island Prague is a concept for everyone.
The minimum age for entry to the game is 5. Children under 12 must be accompanied by at least one parent in the team for safety reasons, to help them understand the challenges, and to reassure them in a highly immersive environment (sound effects, lights, scenery, effects, etc.). Ideal for families or birthday parties!
Anyone entering the play area will be considered a player.

No, Prison Island Prague only takes bookings for companies, groups of more than 20 people and birthday parties.

Contact us using the form on the website or by telephone 771 156 848.

The game runs continuously and we integrate teams as soon as they are ready. I can turn up during opening hours and be sure to play.

Please note, of course, that there are peak periods (Saturdays and Sundays from 2pm to 5.30pm) and school holidays.

Well NO! The prison challenges have been adapted for the general public. The variety of challenges and the teamwork-based concept mean that everyone can take part according to their abilities and desires.

A cell you’re not so keen on! Don’t worry, you can move on to another cell without getting stuck and still earn points!

Comfortable clothing for light physical activity (trainers, shorts and T-shirt) is ideal. High heels are not permitted and large shoes are not recommended. You might want to bring a spare T-shirt for those who want to break the bank.

You’ll need to choose between 1h, 1h30 or 2h.
Add around 15 minutes for registration and team briefing.
Additional time can be added after the game for debriefing, scoring and refreshments.

Prison Island Prague can accommodate 20 teams of 5 people at a time. Ideally, for optimum gameplay comfort, teams of 3-4 people are recommended.

The game can be played by 2 people, but some challenges will be more complicated to complete and you won’t be able to claim maximum points in certain cells.

All possible scenarios can be envisaged and the teams can be configured right up to the last moment at the cash desk. Our team will guide you towards the most comfortable solution.

To respect the scoring, once the teams have been launched, you must avoid mixing up.

The game is played as a team, so you can follow your team-mates through the prison at your own pace, and take on physical challenges that you might not think possible. As you get closer to the action, you’ll be able to support and help your team in many ways. Need a break? You can leave the game and our team will allow you to rejoin your team during the game.

Prison Island Prague is designed to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action.

Most of the challenges and part of the game are not optimised for wheelchair access (stairs, steps, scenery, etc.). The reception and bar areas are accessible.

However, in order to make the concept accessible to everyone, our team will do everything in its power to find a suitable solution. In several cases we have been able to help and adapt the game format to enable everyone to have a good time.

We do not have a catering service on site. A bar serving soft drinks and draught or bottled beers is available, as well as a number of sweet and savoury snacks.

The prison is surrounded by several restaurants less than 5 minutes away.

In order to welcome you in the best conditions, it is necessary to arrive about 15 to 20 minutes before the time you plan to play. This time is needed to welcome you, create and register teams, put your belongings in the lockers and attend the briefing. Can’t wait? Start thinking about a team name!

1h 1h30 or 2h? Prison Island Prague has 23 cells, so you’ll need a fair amount of time to explore the prison, find the cells, understand how they work and solve the challenges.

In 1 hour, you can complete around 15 cells. In 1 hour 30 minutes, around 20 cells, and theoretically all of them in 2 hours. This is an average observed over several teams, and will depend on how fast you progress. No circuit, no plan!

A system of lockers with padlocks is available. These are simple in design and suitable for jackets and small bags. We recommend that you do not take any valuables with you, and that you leave large items in the cars.

Please note that the use of telephones is prohibited in the game, for reasons of confidentiality and to avoid any risk of breakage.

Located at Kolbenova 893/39, 198 00 Praha 14-Hloubětín, we are relatively close to motorway exits.

The nearest tram stop (25 to 16) is “Lehovec”, about 2 minutes’ walk away.

The nearest metro B stop is “Hloubětín”, about 7 minutes’ walk away.

Most GPS systems will take you there without any problem.

There is also a car park in front of the prison, whose black facade is easy to spot.

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