Have fun in a group in
Prison Island Praha !

A unique team adventure in Prague, a unique , shared and fun experience for your group trips! Discover the talents of each of them while solving individual tasks and experience an unforgettable adventure that will be etched in your memory forever!

More than 1200 m² of gaming space, including a large reception area, a game room and 30 gaming cells.

Up to 100 players can escape at the same time, running in waves of 20 teams (2 to 5 people).

There is an on-site bar where you can hydrate before and after your adventure (beer, wine soft drinks and shots ), as well as snacks

There is a large car park for easy parking. A bus can be parked nearby. Tram No. 25 and 16 - stop "Lehovec" 2 minutes walk.Metro B - stop "Hloubětín" 7 min walk

Team Building

Treat your colleagues to a unique experience!

Prison Island is the perfect activity to strengthen bonds and team spirit while having fun at the same time! Cohesion and communication will be essential! Everyone has their own skills, but there is only one way to win: working together! There is a game system that offers a constant overview of the score and the teams’ ranking in the game, so you can compete more!

Catering services

Need a little gourmet break during teambuilding?

We can offer you several solutions (breakfast, cold or hot meals with our partners or a party in our bar).


Would you like to spend some FUN with your colleagues?

The prison can be privatised for a day or half a day from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.

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Associations and communities

Are you looking for a fun and original activity for your association, community, youth centre, … ?

Prison Island Prague is here for you!

We can accommodate large groups and play for up to 100 people at a time! A concept inspired by the TV show Fortress Boyard that makes young and old dream! Develop team spirit and have fun at the same time!


  • Children aged 5 to 10 years are recommended to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Seats and picnic tables are available.
  • Option to park the bus in our large parking lot.

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Host an unforgettable birthday party for young and old alike!

Surprise your friends and family with a fun and original birthday party on Prison Island.

Once the party king and guests are present, the teams split up and everyone comes up with a team name. The teams will receive the key to the prison and go on an unforgettable adventure!

After the adventure, the festivities continue in a designated area where you can set the table and enjoy treats, blow out candles and unwrap presents.

Good to know

  • The festivities include a reserved table and syrup to keep hydrated!
  • For children under 10, one adult per team is required to help the children solve the various challenges.
  • Birthday offer valid for 8 people or more.

Farewell to freedom

Looking for an unusual activity for your friend’s last FUN day of single life? Prison Island Prague is the right place! Have an adventure as a team and leave with unforgettable memories that will be etched in your mind forever! LAUGHTER GUARANTEED!

Use our bar to hydrate!

Good to know

  • Prison Island is contributing to your bachelor/bachelorette party by offering 50% off the groom/bride’s disguise
  • Need to rehydrate? Our bar is at your service !

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Walk away with memories of
your stay in Prison Island!

Give an original gift!

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